Welcome! We are a classical Christian school that blends homeschooling with the joy of a classroom experience. At school, teachers offer instruction in all subjects while the work at home is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for school. The Cottage School organizes and paces your child’s academic schedule, marking the daily assignments in their weekly planner. The ease of facilitating your child’s schoolwork allows you to reap the benefits of learning alongside them without being their sole educator.

Our desire is to build a community of families who seek to love God and love neighbor. We love God through our obedience to teach our children Truth in Scripture and about the world He made.

The school day will go from 9-3 pm on Monday and Wednesday, which will start with singing at an opening assembly. In the classroom there will be a time of recitation where the whole class participates and repeats back what they have learned over the year. The repetition allows them to reflect on everything they’ve previously learned, which is not only good for the memory but is enjoyable for the students! Starting in 3rd grade, math and Latin are held at the same time for everyone so that each student can be placed in the appropriate level. Last, lunchtime and recess are essential to the school experience, a reward for working hard during class!

 The HLS Mission
In partnership with parents, and guided by the Gospel, we seek to educate students to the highest standards of the classical tradition, so that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and the love of our Lord, and more ably use their gifts in the service of others and for the glory of Christ and the Church.

The HLS Distinctives

Classical education aims to teach wisdomhow to thinkand virtuewhat to dothrough the learning of classical languages, reading classical texts, and study of the liberal arts.

Christian education anchors itself to the essentials of the Christian faith, maintaining belief in the goodness of Christian morality and the divine inspiration of the Christian Scriptures.

Traditional education takes place in an orderly, teacher-guided classroom with lessons focused on content mastery.

At HLS Shawnee we order the mind with Latin
The study of Latin begins as soon as the student reads English fluently and with mastery, typically in 2nd grade, and provides a unifying spine for our language arts curriculum. Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are all augmented through a mastery of the Latin language. Latin study also orders and disciplines the mind. As the mother tongue of Western Civilization, Latin is central to classical education.

We are focused on the liberal arts
These are the skills needed to equip a thinker to approach any subject. They consist of the trivium and the quadrivium.

The trivium are language skills:
Grammar – the structure and science of language
Logic – the structure and content of argument
Rhetoric – the art of persuasion

The quadrivium are mathematical skills:
Arithmetic – the study of discrete number
Geometry – the study of continuous number
Music – the application of discrete number
Astronomy – the application of continuous number

We teach the Great Books
These books form the literary foundation of the Western world. We read the classics in their original languages. We read and discuss the best of literature throughout the ages supported by the Memoria Press curricular materials

Uniform Policy

The goal of our dress code is to foster academic focus, dignity, and community to each student. Orderly outer dress and appearance reflects one’s focus and self-discipline.

All Students:

● Short or long sleeved polo or oxford shirt in navy or white.
● Pants or bermuda shorts in khaki or navy. Girls may wear skirts or polo dresses with modesty shorts underneath.
● Closed toed shoes only.
● Sweaters must be solid color with no logos, images, or messages written on them.

Tuition and Books (2021-2022)

Enrollment Fee (secures seat, non-refundable): $100/student, $300/family maximum

Annual Tuition:

$1,500/student, preschool and junior kindergarten ($150 per month for 10 months)

$1,750/student, Kindergarten—Upper School ($175 per month for 10 months)

Book and material cost will vary by grade level. You will receive a 10% discount on books (ask for the coupon code), or the best available discount. Please contact the director for more information. 

Courses Offered

View the courses offered for the Primary and Grammar years here.

View the schedule for the Upper School here.

View curriculum on the Memoria Press site by navigating to Core Curriculums.


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