Highlands Latin Phoenix is a Memoria Press classical Christian homeschool tutorial serving the Phoenix Valley. We offer instruction in core subjects through a one day per week traditional classroom experience, and seek to enrich each family’s experience of Classical Christian education by adding momentum and purpose to their studies.

The Cottage School meets at Grace Chapel in Scottsdale, and follows the traditional school year calendar, mid-August through May.

Highlands Latin Phoenix offers Latin, Greek, Classical Studies, Classical Composition, and English Literature for third through high school, as well as a delightful, enriching full-day classroom experience for junior kindergarten through second grade. All instruction follows the beautiful and inspired Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum.


Classical Education

Classical Christian education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the meditation on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This is accomplished through training in the liberal arts, and through a familiarity with the great books and the great thinkers of the Western Tradition. A classical education transmits the inheritance of the Christian Western civilization to our children. Familiarity with the Greeks, the Romans, and the Bible is essential to understanding our culture and prepares students for success academically and throughout life.

Cottage School 

Highlands Latin Cottage Schools are homeschool support programs that meet weekly. Group instruction is provided in the classroom on Mondays with parents providing individual, focused direction throughout the remainder of week. Class sizes are small to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student.


Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. The Cottage School classroom is consistent with human nature and the experience of many decades has demonstrated its superiority over the modern child-centered classroom.

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The Curriculum

Memoria Press’s curriculum has three Latin words written on the cover: DOCERE, DELECTERE, MOVERE, which translates as, “to teach, to delight, to move.” This motto is a paraphrase of the Roman rhetorician Quintilian’s principles of oratory; the speaker should seek to not only inform his audience, but to move them and delight them as well (First Form Latin, p. 79). Highlands Latin Phoenix endeavors to offer inspired instruction and an uplifting environment where students will increase in wisdom, virtue, and love.


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