Course Offerings

Highlands Latin Phoenix is a Memoria Press classical Christian homeschool tutorial serving the Phoenix Valley. We offer instruction in core subjects through a one day per week traditional classroom experience, and seek to enrich each family’s experience of Classical Christian education by adding momentum and purpose to their studies. 

Highlands Latin Phoenix offers Latin, Greek, Classical Studies, Classical Composition, and English Literature for third through high school, as well as a delightful, enriching full-day classroom experience for junior kindergarten through second grade. All instruction follows the beautiful and inspired Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum.


Primary School

Our primary school offers young children the opportunity to begin their classical education in a loving, formal classroom environment. Teachers lead children through an exploration of many topics while maintaining a focus on character development. Respect, obedience, and kindness are nurtured in the hearts of our primary students alongside intellectual curiosity and discipline.



Junior Kindergarten

Following the Junior Kindergarten Classical Core Curriculum from Memoria Press, this class provides children with gentle lessons and activities to develop pre-reading, listening, verbalization, and fine-motor skills. Children will listen and respond to beautiful read-alouds and poetry, participate in simple recitation, and play traditional games. Phonemic and numeric awareness are developed through alphabet and number lessons. This class is appropriate for children ages 3, 4, and 5.


This class follows the lovely Kindergarten Classical Core Curriculum from Memoria Press. Through First Start Reading, Memoria Press’s outstanding phonics/reading program provides extensive practice in the critical first step of learning to read-blending short vowel sounds in three-letter words. Abundant reading practice is offered in class and at home. In addition to early reading skills, students develop number fluency and early arithmetic knowledge, listen to Bible stories, and copy and memorize Bible verses to develop their penmanship and inscribe God’s word on their hearts.


Using the First Grade Classical Core Curriculum, this class cultivates continued development in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and listening. Children participate in recitation, Christian studies, spelling, reading, math, cursive, and literature read-alouds using the beautiful, age appropriate Story Time Treasures workbooks.

Second Grades

The Second Grade Classical Core Curriculum provides further lessons in basic primary school skills. Recitation, Christian studies, spelling, copybook, reading, math, cursive, and read-alouds fill the school day. Literature guides help students develop solid reading comprehension and writing skills in preparation for further studies in years to come. Children will also complete Memoria Press’s gentle introduction to Latin, Prima Latina, along with written workbook assignments.


In the afternoon, all primary students come together for enrichment activities thematically related to a read aloud in the areas of fine art, poetry, music appreciation, science, and crafts. This time will be spent following the Second Grade Enrichment guide. Parents are welcome to join students for this beautiful portion of the day!


Grammar School/Upper School

Students in grades three through eight participate in a full day of block courses aimed at streamlining and simplifying the journey through classical education for our families. In each subject, all instruction for the week is given in the classrooms, with moderate assignments to be completed by the student during the remainder of the week. A formal classroom environment provides structure, accountability, and opportunity for dynamic interaction which complements and enhances parental guidance and supervision in the development of wisdom and virtue.


Latina Christiana: Introductory Latin course for third graders.

First Form LatinIntroductory Latin course for grades four and up. The first year of the four-part Form Series, which covers the entire Latin grammar. Enrichment from Lingua Angelica.

Second Form Latin: Intermediate Latin course for grades five and up; prerequisite: First Form Latin or equivalent. Enrichment from Lingua Angelica.

Third Form LatinIntermediate Latin course for grades six and up; prerequisite: Second Form Latin or equivalent. Enrichment from Lingua Angelica.

Classical Studies

Greek MythsThe beautifully illustrated and narrated D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths is the text for this rich course. Third grade.

Famous Men of Rome: A comprehensive historical overview of the rise and fall of Rome in 30 stories, which tell of the lives of famous Romans. Fourth grade and up.

Famous Men of The Middle Ages: With lessons on Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Edward the Black Prince, and Joan of Arc, among others, this course guides students through the turbulent “dark age” of history and illustrates the transition from the end of ancient times to the birth of the modern era. Sixth grade and up.

Book of the Ancient Romans / Aeneid: An excellent course of study for older students: a examination of the chronology of Roman civilization, alongside a thorough study of Virgil’s epic story of the founding of Rome.


Intro to Composition: Using passages and comprehension questions based on books from the third grade literature class, students develop solid sentence and paragraph construction skills. Students also complete English Grammar Recitation I workbook. Third grade.

Classical Composition I, Fable: The first level of Memoria Press’s seven-year composition program based on the original classical method of teaching writing, the Greek “progymnasmata”. A series of fourteen distinct “pre-exercises” designed to develop writing, logic, and rhetorical skills in students, the progymnasmata is the writing program that produced Shakespeare and John Milton, among other many others. This class also uses English Grammar Recitation II workbook. Fourth grade.

Classical Composition I/II Accelerated, Fable & Narrative: An accelerated introduction to the Greek “progymnasmata” writing program described above, covering the first two years in a single year. Also, the English Grammar Recitation II workbook. This class is for all students new to Highlands Latin Phoenix grades five and up. 

Classical Composition III, Chreia/Maxim: The third year of Memoria Press’s excellent writing course. Also, the English Grammar Recitation III workbook.


Third Grade Literature: Comprehensive Literature guides carry students through Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, A Bear Called Paddington, as well as related poetry from Poetry for the Grammar Stage.

Fourth Grade Literature: Students will continue to develop their appreciation for excellent literature as they study The Cricket in Times Square, Homer Price, The Blue Fairy Book, Dangerous Journey (a carefully arranged version of The Pilgrim’s Progress), and related poetry from Poetry for the Grammar Stage. For fourth and fifth graders.

Sixth Grade Literature: King Arthur, Adam of the Road, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Door in the Wall; related poetry from Poetry for the Grammar Stage. For sixth and seventh graders.

Eighth Grade Literature: The Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, As You Like It, and a collection of American short stories and poetry. For eighth and ninth graders.

Tenth Grade Literature: The Scarlet Letter, Julius Caesar, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Romeo and Juliet. For tenth through twelfth graders.


Students with unique academic needs or experience may take classes outside of their standard grade level. Highlands Latin Phoenix will create a beautiful academic experience each student. Please contact Laura Hall with questions: laura@highlandslatin.org.