Course Offerings

Highlands Latin Phoenix serves Classical Christian homeschooling families from junior kindergarten through eighth grade using Memoria Press Curriculum. Each class in our Primary and Grammar school serves children in two grade levels. The curriculum will alternate yearly between the grades in each class so that every student is offered a beautiful, dynamic educational experience.


Primary School

Our primary school classes offer young children the opportunity to begin their classical education in a loving, formal classroom environment by completing 1-2 days of the Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum for Junior Kindergarten and First Grade respectively every week. Teachers lead children through an exploration of a variety of topics while maintaining a focus on character development. Respect, obedience, and kindness are nurtured in the hearts of our primary students alongside intellectual curiosity and discipline.



Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten

The combined Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten class will progress through “Monday” of the Junior Kindergarten Classical Core Curriculum from Memoria Press. This class provides children with gentle lessons and activities to develop pre-reading, listening, verbalization, and fine-motor skills. Half of the weekly Junior Kindergarten curriculum will be covered. Children will listen to beautiful read-alouds and poetry, participate in simple recitation, learn their letters and numbers, play traditional games, and participate in art and music study. Younger children develop early phonics skills through the use of tactile materials, while older children use the First Start Reading program so that they make strides toward independent reading by the end of the school year. This class is appropriate for children ages 3, 4, and 5.

First and Second Grades

The combined First and Second Grades will work on “Monday” of the First Grade Classical Core Curriculum from Memoria Press. This class cultivates continued development in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and listening. Children will participate in recitation, Christian studies, spelling, reading, math, cursive, and literature read-alouds. Children will also complete Memoria Press’s gentle introduction to Latin, Prima Latina, with older students completing written workbook assignments.



In the afternoon, all primary students come together for enrichment activities related to science, stories, music, and crafts. This time will be spent following the First Grade Enrichment guide.


Grammar School

Students in grades three through six participate in a full day of block courses aimed at streamlining and simplifying the journey through classical education for our families. In each subject, all instruction for the week is completed in the classrooms, with moderate assignments to be completed by the student during the remainder of the week. A formal classroom environment provides structure, accountability, and opportunity for dynamic interaction which complements and enhances parental guidance and supervision in the development of wisdom and virtue.

Third and Fourth Grades

Latin: Latina Christiana, with enrichment from Lingua Angelica

Classical Studies: D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths

Composition: English Grammar Recitation I, Core Skills Language Arts 3, and Introduction to Composition

Literature: Third Grade Literature (Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, A Bear Called Paddington, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as well as poetry selections)

Fifth and Sixth Grades

Latin: First Form Latin, with enrichment from Lingua Angelica

Classical Studies: Famous Men of Rome

Composition: English Grammar Recitation III, Core Skills Language Arts 5and Classical Composition I & II Condensed: Fable & Narrative

Literature: Fifth Grade Literature (The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Heidi, and Lassie Come-Home, as well as poetry selections)

Greek: Elementary Greek, Greek Alphabet

Seventh and Eighth Grades

Latin: Second Form Latin, with enrichment from Lingua Angelica

Classical Studies: Famous Men of Greece

Composition: English Grammar Recitation IV, Core Skills Language Arts 7and Classical Composition I & II Condensed: Fable & Narrative

Literature: Seventh Grade Literature (Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit, Trojan War, Bronze Bow, as well as poetry selections)

Greek: Elementary Greek


Upper School

Highlands Latin Phoenix will provide additional courses for grades seven and up as desired by current and potential families. Classes need only have a minimum of four students and use Memoria Press Materials to be considered.

Students with unique academic needs or experience may take classes outside of their standard grade level. Highlands Latin Phoenix will create a beautiful academic experience each student. Please contact Laura Hall with questions: laura@highlandslatin.org.