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Our goal is to enhance the homeschool experience of our students by offering a challenging, traditional academic experience that enlivens the mind and refines the soul. We utilize the Memoria Press curriculum, which aims to pass on the heritage of the Christian West to the modern student. In all we do, we seek to engender a love for the good, the beautiful, and the true. 

Highlands Latin School Mission and Philosophy

Thank you for your interest in Highlands Latin Pasadena. We are pleased to share our educational mission and philosophy with you.

Highlands Latin Cottage School serves her community by offering a robust classical education to the modern student within a community of moral excellence. We seek to inculcate wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and the Great Books in a distinctly Christian environment. Our two-day hybrid program blends traditional homeschooling practices with onsite teacher-led learning.

At Highlands Latin Pasadena we teach the Memoria Press curriculum. Memoria Press offers a complete classical curriculum structured with age appropriate, process based learning. Well-paced, visually-appealing, and systematic, the Memoria Press curriculum will bring out the best in your student’s academic abilities.

Highlands Latin Pasadena is a Classical Latin School Association Partner Member.

By partnering with Highlands Latin Pasadena you provide your student access to high-quality instruction in teacher-led classrooms. With all primary subjects addressed on class days, you are free to retain the deep personal involvement in your student’s educational journey and moral development free from the burden of course planning, book ordering, or curricular pacing.

At HLS Pasadena…

We take a truly classical approach to learning. At Highlands Latin we take a Latin centered classical approach to, as Aquinas says, “ordering things rightly” in the heart and mind of the student.

We order the mind with Latin. The study of Latin begins as soon as the student reads English fluently and with mastery, typically in 2nd grade, and provides a unifying spine for our language arts curriculum. Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are all augmented through a mastery of the Latin language. Latin study also orders and disciplines the mind. As the mother tongue of Western Civilization, Latin is central to classical education.

We are focused on the liberal arts, which are the skills needed to equip a thinker to approach any subject. They consist of the trivium and the quadrivium.

The trivium are language skills: 

Grammar – the structure and science of language
Logic – the structure and content of argument
Rhetoric – the art of persuasion

The quadrivium are mathematical skills:

Arithmetic – the study of discrete number
Geometry – the study of continuous number
Music – the application of discrete number
Astronomy – the application of continuous number

We teach the Great Books. These books form the literary foundation of the Western world. We read the classics in their original languages. We read and discuss the best of literature throughout the ages supported by the Memoria Press curricular materials.


The goal of Highlands Pasadena’s dress code is to foster academic focus, dignity, and community to each student. Orderly outer dress and appearance reflects one’s focus and self-discipline. See our school uniform guidelines here. Order your school uniforms from the official Highlands Latin School Uniform provider here.


School is in session on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


New Hope Community Church
10438 Ora Vista Ave
Sunland, CA 91042

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