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Highlands Latin Houston is a unique homeschool support program. We offer a teacher-led, traditional classroom experience for homeschool families. Students and teachers gather twice weekly for all course instruction, and lessons and studying are completed during the remainder of the week at home. In addition to presenting a rich educational experience, we seek to foster a sense of community among students and families who value a classical, Christian education.

Students in grades K – 12 will receive instruction in subjects such as Latin, classical studies, literature, composition, and science. We utilize the Memoria Press Curriculum, and classes are led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable teachers. In all that we do, we aim to present the Good, the True, and the Beautiful to students in a way that will guide not only their studies, but also their development as people.

Below are examples of courses that will be available. There will be additional classes offered – check back for updates in coming weeks!

If you would like to know more about the school, consider filling out the form linked below and attend our parent interest meeting. Or, email either of the co-directors, Angela or Demree.

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Course Offerings



Prima Latina (Grades 3-4)

Latina Christiana (Grade 5)

First Form – 3rd Form (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Introduction to Latin (Grades 8+ who have no previous Latin instruction)

Classical Studies

Greek Myths (D’Aulaires) or Famous Men of Greece (Grades 3-4)

Famous Men of Rome or Famous Men of the Middle Ages (Grade 5-6)

Advanced Classical Studies: Book of the Ancient Greeks by D. Mills w/ the Iliad or the Odyssey Homer/Ancient History of Greece and Virgil/Ancient History of Rome (Grades 7-8)


Composition and Grammar

Introduction to Composition (this course work will be part of the 3rd Grade Literature class)  

Fable Stage / Grammar Recitation I (Grade 4)

Narrative Stage / Grammar Recitation II (grade 5 or those who have completed Fable Stage)

Chreia/Maxim Stage with Grammar Recitation III (Grade 6, those who have completed Fable – Narrative)

Refutation/Confirmation with Grammar Recitation IV (Grade 7…)

Common Topic with Rod and Staff English 8 (Grade 8)


At each grade level, students will read 3-4 literary pieces in depth and poetry


Insect Study and Bird Study with Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader 4 (Grades 3-4)

Pre-Chemistry: NOEO Science Chemistry 2 by LOGOS Press AND Exploring the World of Chemistry (Grades 5-6)

Exploring the World of Biology (Tiner) with The Book of Trees (Grade 7)

History of Medicine and Pre-Med Course by Master Books (8).


Traditional Logic I (Grade 7 or those new to Logic Study)

Traditional Logic II (Grade 8; those who have completed Logic I)

Material Logic (Grade 9)

Classical Rhetoric (Grade 10)


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church – Student Center
18220 Upper Bay Road
Houston, Texas 77058 (Nassau Bay)