HLS Louisville Uniform Policy


Shirts should be either polo or button-down and have a collar; they can have long or short sleeves.

Shirts should be tucked in at the waist at all times.

Note: No emblems, logos, or insignias (except the small brand-name insignia that comes on some shirts).


Shorts should be solid-colored khaki (tan), brown, navy, gray, or black.

Shorts should extend to within an inch of the knee.

Note: No denim, stretch, spandex, or cargo-style shorts.


Slacks should be trouser-style, straight-legged slacks and should be worn with a solid-colored belt.

Slacks should be solid-colored khaki (tan), brown, navy, gray, or black.

Note: No denim or jean-style pants; no stretch, spandex, or yoga pants; no cargo-style pants; no sweatpants.


Skirts should be solid khaki (tan), brown, navy, gray, or black.

Skirts should be no shorter than one inch above the knee.

Socks / Shoes

Solid-colored (blue, black, brown, or white) knee socks or crew socks should be worn.

Conventional athletic shoes or standard school shoes are acceptable.

Sweater / Sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts must be solid-colored with no logos, emblems, or messages written on them.

A collared shirt (in accord with the guidelines above) should be worn under the sweater or sweatshirt at all times.


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