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As the Highlands Latin network continues to grow, more and more campuses are becoming available. Check below for a list of currently established campuses. Don’t see one near you? Click here to establish one today!

Highlands Latin Louisville

The Louisville Cottage School is located on the Spring Meadows campus of the full-time Highlands Latin School in Louisville, Kentucky. The school meets Mondays and classes are offered on an à-la-carte basis. Courses offered include Latin, Classical Studies, Literature, Composition, and Science. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Nashville

The Nashville Cottage School is located in East Nashville, Tennessee. The school meets on Mondays and offers classes for kindergarten through high school. Full-day programs are offered for K-2nd grade, 8:00-3:30. Latin, Classical Studies, Literature, and Composition are offered on an à-la-carte basis for third grades through approximately ninth. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Pasadena 

The Pasadena Cottage School meets twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays. Classes are held at the beautiful campus of First Baptist Church in Pasadena, California and are offered pre-school through high school. Students study Latin, the Classics, Literature, and Composition, among other subjects.

Courses are led by knowledgeable and passionate teachers in a traditional classroom. Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and the development of students as individuals is emphasized. At HLS Pasadena, the pursuit of the good, the beautiful, and the true reinforces all we do. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Cottage School is located on the West side of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The school meets twice weekly, offering a day of core studies and a day of enrichment. Courses offered include Latin, Christian Studies, Classical Studies, Literature, Composition, and Art. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Houston

Highlands Latin Houston is a uniquely designed homeschool support program. We offer a teacher-led, traditional classroom experience, meeting twice weekly. We will offer courses for students in grades 3 – 12 and cover subjects such as Latin, Classical Studies, Literature, Composition and Science. We utilize the Memoria Press Curriculum, and classes are led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable teachers. In all that Highlands Latin Houston does, we aim to present the Good, the True, and the Beautiful to your student in a way that will guide their studies as students and their growth as people.  [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Phoenix

Highlands Latin Phoenix offers Latin, Greek, Classical Studies, Classical Composition, and English Literature for third through eighth grades, as well as a delightful, enriching full-day classroom experience for junior kindergarten through second grade. All instruction follows the beautiful and inspired Memoria Press curriculum. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Danville – The Latin Academy

At The Latin Academy we work alongside you the parent, seeking to educate your child to the highest standards of the classical tradition, so that they may grow in the knowledge, wisdom and the love of our Lord. We offer a Latin Centered, Classical, Christian education for K thru 12th grade. The Grammar school program engages the student through independent study and teacher-led learning with discussions. Classes include Latin, English grammar, writing, literature, history, science and other electives. The Secondary School program engages the student through independent study and teacher-led Socratic discussions. Classes include Latin, English (literature, Shakespeare & poetry), logic & rhetoric, history, science and other electives. [Visit Page]


Highlands Latin Anderson

Highlands Latin Cottage School Greenville is a Classical, Christian homeschool support program serving the Upstate of South Carolina. We offer instruction in core subjects using the award winning Memoria Press curriculum through a one day per week traditional classroom experience. Our goal is to enhance the homeschool experience of our students by offering a challenging, traditional academic experience that enlivens the mind and refines the soul.   [Visit Page]