Highlands Latin Cincinnati is a unique homeschool option for family’s seeking a classical education for their children. We offer a two-day program, providing the core studies on day one, with the second day being a time for enrichment. All instruction is provided in the classroom with students completing reading and assignments at home. 

We meet for instruction at:

Turning point Church

7019 Tylersville Rd
West Chester Township, OH 45069


Fellowship between parents is a wonderful way to enhance your homeschooling experience. In support of this, HLS Cincinnati includes an adult bible study during the first two hours of the enrichment day. The students will be busy in their enrichment classes during our time together! This is open for home-school dads as well as moms and our goal is to develop lasting relationships with one another while growing in our knowledge of God’s Word.

The Enrichment Day will include P.E. class where they will be exposed to sports and have time to run and play, getting some much-needed exercise during the week. It will also include science lab, computer skills, drama and art classes. Study Halls will be available during the science, computer, drama and art classes for students who may not want to participate in those and would like to get some of their work done for the week.

Please contact the director with any questions: Lindsey@HighlandsLatin.org

What is Classical Education?

Classical education is the imparting of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and humanities. The liberal arts are the fundamental intellectual skills used in every academic discipline and the humanities are the history and literature of Western civilization through which we learn, through precept and example, the ideas and values of our culture.

Although it is the best way to learn the skills for both employment and citizenship, it does not focus on narrow job skills training or political indoctrination. Rather, its focus is passing on the culture of the Christian West to the next generation.

What is a Cottage School?

Highlands Latin Cottage Schools are homeschool support programs that meet one or two days per week. All instruction is provided in the classroom with parents providing homework and individual assistance throughout the week. Class sizes are kept to a minimum to increase participation, and ensure a high level of attention is granted each student.

Lessons are incremental, content is age-appropriate, and students learn the important skill of quality written work completed in a timely manner. Homework is moderate and is for the purpose of practicing or preparing for a lesson. The Cottage School classroom is consistent with human nature and the experience of many decades has demonstrated its superiority over the modern child-centered classroom.

Cincinnati Cottage School will have one day of instruction where the tutors introduce new concepts and equip the students to complete the remaining work at home the rest of the week. This core studies day is an a la carte day where parents may elect to have their children take the courses that they are interested in taking. This might mean a full day of curriculum or just one class! They will also have one day of enrichment where students are invited to explore science through hands-on lab work, study the great artists in art class, learn public speaking in drama class, acquire computer skills in computer lab and get their energy out in PE class!


About Lindsey Klein, Cincinnati Director

Lindsey is a Cincinnati transplant who has previously lived in Tennessee, Florida and Vermont. Her family is excited to be in Cincinnati and to start this incredible school! She has her Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and her Masters in Elementary Education. She is a mother of six, and has been homeschooling for the past 7 years. Children are her passion and she is excited to open a Classical Christian homeschool option where students can grow in their wisdom and knowledge each year. It is her mission to create a loving atmosphere where tutors, students and parents will work together to ensure it is always a safe and exciting place to be.  She is thrilled to offer challenging courses as well as exciting opportunities for enrichment. Another goal of this school is for the families to come together with the host churches and create great service projects to do throughout the year so we can be a blessing to our community.

Lindsey has been utilizing Memoria Press Curriculum for the majority of her home-schooling. She is eager to bring MP to more students through the school. Memoria Press Curriculum is a sustainable curriculum which grows with each student and their academic needs.

Prospective Teachers

Anyone interested in working at Highlands Latin Cincinnati should follow this link and fill out the Interested Teacher Form.

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