Primary School

Tuition: $1400 full day

We offer full day Primary School programs for Kindergarten through Second Grade. Primary School classes are directed by a lead teacher. Mornings focus on academic work and afternoons focus on the entire week’s Literature and Enrichment portion. These classes are offered to support families who use the Memoria Press curriculum in their homeschool. The only class option is the full day program.

View the Memoria Press Primary Curriculum here!


8:30–8:45          Opening Assembly
8:45–10:00        Traditional Spelling, Phonics and Reading
10:00–10:30      Mid-Morning Recess
10:30–11:45      Recitation, Christian Studies, Arithmetic
11:45–12:30      Lunch
12:30–1:00        Penmanship, Copybook
1:00–1:45          Literature Enrichment, Music, Art, Poetry
1:45–2:15          Mid-Afternoon Recess
2:15–3:30          History, Culture, Science Enrichment
3:30                   Dismissal